What are the benefits of employing the services of a professional film maker?

The benefits are similar to employing any professional service to do a job you have no experience in doing. If I wanted my walls painted I would hire a painter/decorator, if I wanted my teeth whitened I’d go to the dentist. Yes there are always DIY options for most things but the finish would rarely be of professional quality. Employing a professional videographer ensures the receipt of a quality product and will simply eliminate the worry of having a friend or family member creating “Blair Witch” style shaky footage and the possibility of missing half the vows or any other important part of the day. The professional videographer will have professional equipment and the right experience to ensure your DVD is of professional standards.

When should you start looking for your film maker in the planning process?

Most people start to organise their weddings roughly a year in advance so as a result the majority of wedding suppliers take bookings a year in advance so to ensure you get the videographer you want I’d start enquiring a year before your wedding.

How long will you spend on location?

It depends on the package you are after but our standard Main Package includes between 8 and 10 hours of our time on location.

What should you expect from the finished product (ie. special effects, music)?

For our Main Package the finished product will be between roughly an hour to two hours long. We aim to cover the main parts of the day i.e. arrival of the guests, shots of the groom greeting guests, arrival of the bride, ceremony, ceremony exit, drinks reception, guests mingling, a small part of the formal photo session, the speeches and first two dances. The parts of the film that have no dialogue i.e. guests mingling, there will be accompanying music of the couple’s choice and at the end of the film there will be a highlights clip of the whole day that lasts between 2 and 4 minutes.

Why are you different?

We try to make all of our Wedding films artistic, exiting & easy to watch. We feel that this gives them the 're-watchability' factor. The traditional wedding film that you may have seen normally comes in a padded case, has titles with swirly writing, continuous slow motion shots, lots of soft focus, fixed camera positions for minutes on end, the list goes on!
They are normally 3 hour epics, with little or no creative editing. Our unique creative style, uses contemporary packaging & titling, upbeat editing techniques and dynamic camera positioning. We do use slow motion, but sparingly - to enhance & build on the moment, to take you on an emotional journey that you'll want to watch again and again.

What happens between the film maker and photographer on the day?

Before the whole day starts we will always have a friendly chat with the photographer and figure out the best way to work with each other. We are both looking for the best possible shots but both have very different jobs on the day. When the photographer is doing the formal shots we will film this part for a short period of time. The photographer can have between 10 and 30 set ups so we will film some of the in-between bits when family and friends are interacting.

How long does it take to get the DVD or Bluray back? What does that process involve?

Depending on the time of year our turnaround time is between 8 and 16 weeks. When we are filming 2 to 3 weddings a week in peak season the turnaround time is likely to be closer to the 16 week mark. Each DVD is painstakingly edited in real time with adjustments to the sound, colour correction, render time (turning the footage into a file that can be burned onto DVD), graphic design, print production and DVD production. Then of course there’s quality control. Once the first edit is done you will then receive a proof of your wedding film and after you have watched it you will either approve it or send some minor changes through our online approval form. This whole process is standard practice. We do aim to have your film done within the estimated time and we love to take our time when editing to ensure the best possible quality and creativity has gone into each wedding film.

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