Lochhouses Farm Wedding

Can you give us a run down of your wedding?

After a slightly manic day on the Friday getting everything pulled together at the farm and welcoming guests from far and wide the wedding day started pretty calmly. I was staying with my wonderful bridesmaids and brothers in the Archerfield lodges and had a very leisurely breakfast before the “glam squad”, photographer and videographer arrived. It wasn’t until i received a text from a friend saying that the buses had left and that they were on their way that i really believed it was happening!
We then hopped in the cars in a bit of a daze to Whitekirk church. I was very nervous about the ceremony and felt quite sick about the thought of walking down the aisle with all those people watching, but i loved the service. It was taken by best friend and bridesmaids dad David, who i have known well for years and he made it very personal and special for us. I was worried about being too emotional. I had lost my wonderful mum 9 months before and was so desperately sad that she wasn’t there to see me get married, but we had a gospel choir there to sing her favourite hymn and i very much felt like she was watching me that day. The choir also sung a number of other great songs that i hope/think created a really upbeat and celebratory atmosphere which was exactly what i wanted.
After being doused in a ridiculous amount of confetti we headed the half mile down the road to the farm. Thankfully the weather held and the champagne reception could be outside and Pip and i were able to have some gorgeous photos up in the sand dunes overlooking the beach. The meal and speeches flew by and then we very tentatively took to the dance floor for the first dance. From that moment until 1am Pip and I hardly left the dance floor. Having 180 of your favourite people surrounding you on the dance floor is pretty amazing. The excessively stocked bar was drunk dry and there were a lot of sore heads the next day but it was so great to see everyone really go for it! The day was exactly what i wanted – a personal and special church service followed by a proper drunken Scottish party!

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

We have both been lucky enough to spend a lot of time at the Mitchell’s farm before we got together and as a couple and so when we got engaged it seemed an obvious choice when thinking about venues. In fact Pip had proposed on a beach not far away. It is stunningly beautiful down there no matter the weather and i also really liked the fact that my mum had visited the farm a few summers before so i knew she definitely would have approved of it as a location. There was excellent treehouse style accommodation there for our guest who would be travelling from further afield and having a blank canvas meant that i could make the day just how i wanted. The fact that Alex (friend and venue owner) was incredibly helpful and generous was also icing on the cake!

What do you remember most about your wedding day?

There are so many great memories from the day but i would say one of my favourite memories was being with Pip in the middle circle of all our guest passionately singing Loch Lomond in full voice at the end of the night.

What made you decide to have your wedding filmed?

I am an avid viewer of wedding videos and have been for years (well before i actually got engaged myself!) having sobbed at the weddings of total strangers on a number of occasions, so i always thought that i would have one myself. This was cemented further when SO many people either told me how much they regretted not getting one or how much they loved the one that they did get. The whole day was a bit of a blur in many ways, I hardly remember certain bits, so it was so lovely to have it all on tape so beautifully for us.

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