Atholl Palace Wedding

Can you give us a run down of your wedding?

We both came up together from Paisley the day before. David spent the night with is boys in the stags head bar and I with my family out in Pitlochry. Was the first time this year my sisters and I had all been together with my mum. The morning for Caroline started with my bridesmaids Hazel and Miriam (my 2 sisters) and Jemma (best friend) where we had breakfast in bed then got ready with hair and make up and a bottle of Prosecco.
All the boys kilted up together and went for a walk round the grounds to relax.
I came up the aisle with my Dad and saw David’s smile at the top with the beautiful view out to tummel valley.  We remember the sun coming out as I walked down the aisle.  We had the cairn string quartet playing canon in d – every girls dream. After we did our ceremony and missed the queue for the first kiss we were really keen to get that group shot outside of all our guests. After a short time mingling we got to spend some time with the bridal party around the grounds getting some photos.  Unfortunately the heels and dresses didn’t Stand up to the test of mud! We really enjoyed the casual shots down by the river/Japanese garden and the enthusiasm of our photographer Stuart in the river trying to get ‘the’ shot.
Next we were whisked off to a deserted field where there was fantastic views down onto Pitlochry!
When we arrived back we were piped into our ceremony by our friend Chris Mckenzie and following this he shared a dram with David.  We loved our cake which was made by my dads wife Marelle. The wee birds on top were special.  We have 2 budgies at home herminone and Luca who our friends laugh that we talk about them like our children! It wasn’t as eating cutting the cake as we thought. We thought someone would point where to cut and how, and when we did find the right spot it required some strength.
The speeches were wonderful though I was a bit unsure about my issues with colic when I was a child being brought up in my dads speech. It was lovely to hear David’s speech as he’s not one to spill his feelings, certainly not in public, grants speech the best man) had arrived back from travelling Europe specially for the day and we were so impressed by his speech, particularly the apple a day joke given that I’m a doctor, we were more impressed at David’s reflexes to catch it!
Our first dance was Eric clap tons wonderful tonight. We spent weeks trying to come up with a song but we did really chose the perfect one.  We wanted the split of ceilidh dancing (coming from the highlands that’s what we do) and the disco for everyone else.
The bouquet toss was something else I always wanted to do and it was my cousin Amy who caught it…still watching that space!
David and I retired to bed at the back of midnight not before a sneaky dram in our turret squire before bed.

Why did you choose your wedding venue?

We wanted somewhere that we could go back to every ear. We had stayed in Pitlochry before and loved the countryside, the whisky and the quaintness of the village. Maybe one day we will retire there. I also remember as a little girl my parents driving down to Glasgow anD you would see the Atholl palace sitting up in the trees like a princess caste, and  got my dream! It was also half way between Paisley (David’s family) and Nairn (my family) so showed No favouritism!

What do you remember most about your wedding day?

Getting David on the dance floor. That’s the first time he has ever danced with me and his first ever ceilidh.
For David it was that first view of me when coming down the aisle and it is captured so beautifully in the highlights video. You see him look round,, see me, then smile and you can then see the gulp he takes.  Also wearing the kilt, that was his first time and he couldn’t have been happier in his rangers tartan and having a Sporran to keep his laphroaig in for the day.

What made you decide to have your wedding filmed?

We wanted to remember the day. Friends had told me you don’t really remember it as it all goes In a flash, you get the photos which are great but I think without the video you miss little bits and sometimes the emotion. You can see the vulnerable side of us in the video.
I agree with David seeing his face when I come down the aisle and he takes that gulp..that’s priceless and it wasn’t something I would have got to see without the video!
It’s the biggest day of our life and I thought it other people get a wedding video why shouldn’t I!
We would like to say a big thank you rob, you were fantastic and have done a truly superb video!

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